"Necrotech" & "Brigade" Giveaway! Last Week!

Not going to lie, I’m sad to be on the final week of this giveaway! I’ve had such a great time surrounded by great books, anti-heroes, and amazing worlds! Plus getting to know all of you, dear readers! This is the final week and it’s another two-fer, “Necrotech” and a signed copy of “Trans Liberty Riot Brigade”! Week Nine: “Necrotech” by K.C. Alexander Summary: Street thug Riko has some serious issues — memories wiped, reputation tanked, girlfriend turned into a tech-fueled zombie. And the only people who can help are the mercenaries who think she screwed them over. In an apathetic society devoid of ethics or regulation, where fusing tech and flesh can mean a killing edge or a killer convers

Trans Rights are Human Rights

About to get political so if it isn’t your thing: sorry/not sorry. Because what the fuck? For all those who have criticized the premise of Trans Liberty Riot Brigade, who have argued that it could never happen, that the government would never be so cruel and corrupt? Are you paying attention, folks? This is how it begins. The slow erosion of individual human rights and allowing the pendulum to swing too far. See, I believe in the pendulum, that history shows a swing between those camps of “conservative” and “liberal”, which in general, is fine because the world is filled with all different kind of people who are looking to be represented in government. However, we cannot ignore the blips in

"Meatworks" & "Brigade" Giveaway! Week Eight!

OMG OMG OMG! Not going to lie, I am SO excited! I get to give away a signed copy of my own book. My. Own. Book. And I am beyond thrilled to be able to give it away along with a copy of “Meatworks” which I absolutely adored. Oh, Desmond! I’m not even into romance and I was swooning over this story. SO, you, my lucky reader, have a chance to win two amazing books this week. Make sure to get subscribed! Week Eight: “Meatworks” by Jordan Castillo Price Summary: Desmond Poole is damaged in more ways than one. If he was an underachiever before, he’s entirely useless now that he’s lost his right hand. He spends his time drowning his sorrows in vodka while he deliberately blows off the training that

Book Launch Success!

The book launch for Trans Liberty Riot Brigade was a smashing success! I had an opportunity to see familiar faces and new ones, and we had an amazing time raising money for Olympia's Rainbow Health Center! We sold raffle tickets and 50% of my first 24-hour proceeds from Brigade are being donated to the Center. For those who don't know, Olympia's Rainbow Health Center is "a healing space for the unique needs of non-mainstream participants and their network of providers, including transgender; new immigrant families; and unaccompanied refugee minors." Pretty amazing, huh? I also almost sold out of all the books I had on hand (I had just enough to cover the other places I needed to send books t

"The Darkest Minds" Giveaway! Week Seven!

This is the final week giveaway before “Trans Liberty Riot Brigade” comes out! EEE! I’m so excited! I’m also thrilled to bring you this amazing giveaway of “The Darkest Minds” written by #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author, Alexandra Bracken! One of the few not-indie choices on my giveaway list, but also came highly recommended by readers! Week Seven: “The Darkest Minds” by Alexandra Bracken Summary: When Ruby woke up on her tenth birthday, something about her had changed. Something frightening enough to make her parents lock her in the garage and call the police. Something that got her sent to Thurmond, a brutal government “rehabilitation camp.” She might have survived the mysterious dise

"Legacy" Giveaway! Week Six!

Author of Award Winning genre-bending The Biodome Chronicles, Jesikah Sundin lives in the Pacific Northwest with her three children and waffle-afficiando and high-school sweetheart husband. After several careers later in music and administration (but not earth sciences, her college pursuit), she returned to her first passion: books. And earned the title “coffee zombie” by her children who drone, “grounds… grounds… grounds…” as she pours a cup of dark roast writer’s ambrosia before approaching her keyboard. SUBSCRIBE AT PIERCEBOOKS.COM TO BE ENTERED TO WIN A SIGNED COPY OF LEGACY AND SUPER COOL SWAG! First of all, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule of writing, photogr

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