PMS Scones

In celebration of bleeding out of my holy orifice -- you're welcome -- I am going to share my recipe for PMS Scones with you. I've decided to call them that, even though they really could be called anything since I've jacked various parts of this recipe from various places, changed it around, and made it my own. Sorry not sorry. Ahem. These scones are semi-good-for-you and can be made better for you by making substitutions depriving them of flavor and desirability. Your call. This recipe is easy AF and you can gussy it up, down, sideways, doggy style, just about any way you like it. PMS SCONES Set that goddamn oven to 350 degrees before you forget. Shut up, you know you will. 2 cups of almon

My Big Fat Update

What. A. Shit. Show. Thanks summer, you've supplied me with enough nightmare fuel to get me through the next decade, so you could kindly stop. ANY TIME. Trump continues to be a blight upon the human species, North Korea has penis envy, aaaaand there's a big ass tropical storm turning Texas into Water World. I would like to announce a "fuck you" list, brought to you by the summer of 2017: 1. Fuck you, Drumpf, now and forever. 2. Fuck you, North Korea, for nationalistic worship of "might makes right" and the metaphorical AND literal shackling of your population. 3. Fuck you, Hurricane Harvey (except only a little, because I think we shoulder a good amount of the blame, amirite? *nudge nudge*)

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