Every Season Turn

HAPPY NATIONAL COMING OUT DAY! I hope this day finds you happy, healthy, and most of all, SAFE! For those who have come out, we love you! For those who can't or aren't ready, we still love you! We are here, ready with open arms when and if the day comes as I hope it can for us all <3 We are legit in the fall season! I've eaten apple fritters, been drinking apple cider, and even had a scoop of pumpkin cheesecake ice cream! Now... it's still pretty sunny and warm so my fall attire hasn't come out in full force, but there's been a couple chilly days warranting a fun scarf so there's that. I went to the local Lattins Farm and cuddled goats too. All in all, fall is going really well in the Northw

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L.M. Pierce | Olympia, Washington

Nine Star Press