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Year of the SICKNESS

This year has been a rotating year of illness. I woke up this morning with a cold, which will mark the third time I've been sick this year, so once a month thus far. At least I can take comfort in the relatively mild cold, as opposed to the earth shattering intensity of fever and flu I had the previous two months.

I'm about to swear off people for good though.

In other news, school is continuing, Brigade is taking on its final form, and the release is scheduled for this summer! It doesn't feel real yet and I don't think it really will until that book is in my hot sweaty hands. So much work goes into the creation of one published book that it's easy to forget everything that came before. For me, getting Brigade to Nine Star included over a year of concept development, writing, rewriting, conference pitching, queries, contests, and then its final acceptance. I am gratified by the response Brigade is getting and am very excited to see it unleashed into the world!

Also... Mass Effect Andromeda has been released so I might have to disappear... forever.

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