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Queerlands Book Line-Up & Giveaway!

Visit the “Queerlands” and see amazing narratives, characters, and premises, brought to you in NINE WEEKS of giveaways! The line-up of books encompasses a vast range of human experiences and ways of being in the world (whether Earth or elsewhere)! Science fiction, speculative, and LGBTQI themes rule here and I am so excited to be able to share these amazing works with new readers. Three of the books are SIGNED by the authors and I will feature interviews with these amazing folks during the week of their book’s giveaway.

Let’s get to the important stuff! What do you need to do to be entered to win? EASY, just one step: Subscribe to my website at

When do we start? Each book giveaway starts on a Friday and proceeds to 5PM the following Wednesday (five days) The winner is notified and has 48 hours to return physical mailing information to me. If the 48 hours expires, a new winner will be chosen!

What are you going to win???

June 2nd: “God’s War” by Kameron Hurley

June 9th: Signed edition of “Class-M Exile” by Raven Oak AND swag (watch for her interview!)

June 16th: “Prosperity” by Alexis Hall

June 23rd: Signed edition of “All is Silence” AND TWO e-book downloads for "Outward Bound" and "Toils and Snares" all by Robert Slater (watch for his interview!)

June 30th: “The Girl in the Road” by Monica Byrne

July 7th: Signed edition of “Legacy” by Jesikah Sundin AND swag (watch for her interview!)

July 14th: “The Darkest Minds” by Alexandra Bracken

July 21st: “Meatworks” by Jordan Castillo Price AND a Signed edition of “Trans Liberty Riot Brigade” by L.M. Pierce

July 28th: “Necrotech” by K.C. Alexander AND a Signed edition of “Trans Liberty Riot Brigade” by L.M. Pierce

Whew! Excited yet? There’s a lot coming our way and I’m thankful to all of you who make it possible!

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