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"God's War" Giveaway! Week One!

I’m so excited to begin the Queerlands Book Giveaway! There are some awesome things lined up over the next two months so please stay tuned! There’s only ONE thing you must do to be entered to win one of these nine books: subscribe to my website

That’s IT! You can win additional entries by “liking” my Facebook page or Twitter tweets, and one for a re-tweet! (maximum of three additional entries) Need more info? Deets

“God’s War” by Kameron Hurley

Summary: Nyx is a former government assassin turned bounty hunter paid to collect the heads of terrorists and deserters. Cast out from her honorable assassins’ guild and imprisoned for breaking one rule too many, Nyx and her crew of mercenaries are driven by money, not loyalty. But when a dubious deal with an alien emissary goes awry, her name is at the top of the government’s list to head a covert recovery.

While the centuries-long war rages on only one thing is certain: the world’s best chance for peace rests in the hands of its most ruthless killers. . .


What Readers Are Saying (Goodreads):

“Its bold creation of a world where women dominate, and where women are socially, physically, and in all other ways tough and capable. Setting aside the fact that this is a world where magicians use bug technology to repair amputations and mortal injuries, the women in this world are bad-ass.”

“The setting is excellent - a planet torn by religious war, sometime after the collapse of a galactic civilisation. 'Bugpunk' biotechnology, post-Islamic feminism, holy assassins, boxing wizards - this book is full of sweet ideas done well. And what an awesome protagonist.”

“It combines fantasy and science fiction to create a strangely familiar alien world that feels perfectly, freakishly, possible.”

“This is an Urban Fantasy that is filled with tons of bugs, amazing magic, more bugs, and did I mention the bugs. What a fresh and cool world and concept.”

Yeeeeah, you’re not going to want to miss out on this one! Subscribe now and get entered to win “God’s War” and the rest of the amazing line-up of books!

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