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Stars at Night

Lindsay Pierce

From speculative SFF novels to weaving narrative in gaming and visual modalities, Lindsay is passionate about unique perspectives and unusual experiences. She is the author of Trans Liberty Riot Brigade, Of Flesh and Feathers, and various creative projects. As a graduate student in the Master of Fine Arts in Fiction program at Southern Illinois University, she explores the use of AI and VR in narrative projects, and intersectional representation in this new horizon of storytelling. She also has a Masters in Counseling Psychology and is passionate about the therapeutic applications of expressive arts.


Whether her characters are fighting dystopian despair or a chicken surviving a zombie apocalypse, a thread of hope and personal transformation unifies Lindsay's visions.

- The Power of Language -


Story and narrative have been a fundamental part of my life. Growing up with a Deaf parent and family members, my introduction to language, before I could speak words, was through the spatial and pictorial communication of Sign Language. Movement brought stories to life—the blur of fingers, the slap of palms, the soar of exclaiming eyebrows—all of these are part of a complex and nuanced language that formed the bedrock of my understanding about how we process, express, and retain information and explore character. This defining style influences my writing and speaks to the way I conceptualize my work—not just as moving pictures in my mind, but a multidimensional cinematic experience that moves through the body as well.

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