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"In a Kingdom of Ash, we are all royalty..."

The explosions lit up the sky, plumes of silt and ash choked the air, and humans retreated: bunkers, caves, and underground systems. Ten years later, the ash began to fall and the faintest rays of light finally managing to shine through the suffocating gray -- now you must find your own meaning while traversing this new kingdom.


Project Name

"' ai'right there, Scab?"

This interactive visual novel (made with Visual Novel Maker) incorporates branching dialogue, skill-based adventures, and an inventory system. Your choices matter and there are consequences and unforeseen outcomes leading to a variety of possible endings -- including abrupt deaths should you fail to use your skills, words, and determination.


Project Name

The map allows you to move around the settlement, opening up new areas based on choices you do (or don't) make. Meet a variety of unique characters from Glue Man to Rolfe to Lady Winters - help them achieve their legacy goals as you decide what your ultimate contribution to this new world will be.


The inventory system allows you to find items you can use to solve problems and craft unique solutions to a variety of needs - yours and the community's. Use your findings for meaningful change - there are no knives or guns in this game - and innovate solutions through crafty insight and ingenuity.

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