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Taking Root in a Hostile Landscape

As I contemplate the scarcity of foliage on the Mongolia steppes, I am reminded that in so many ways, being a writer is like being a tree. Whether you're struggling to find dappled sunlight through a crowded canopy of authors, bloggers, and hobbyists, or trying to subsist in the middle of stark drought and the extremes of your environment... as a writer, we often have to figure out ways to flourish in less than ideal circumstances. I spent three months in Mongolia during my undergraduate studies and it turned out to be an amazing opportunity to write. I completed a manuscript, maintained an extensive blog, and wrote a thesis paper. Yes, I had oodles of free time but there was something about the mental isolation of operating in a country where I didn't know the native tongue and was, for all mental and emotional purposes, completely alone. So I figured out a way to flourish in scarcity. Now I'm trying to figure out how to flourish in the my thriving environment and requires an entirely different skill set...

On that note, I was accepted to St. Martin's University, Master's of Counseling Psychology program. It's been a whirlwind but the idea of returning to studies excites me, rejuvenates me, and I can't wait to keep writing, keep growing, and keep figuring out how to keep my creative tree watered!

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