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Pitch Wars & Building Community

This year has been a year of writing firsts and developments in my fledgling career. So what all did I accomplish and experience thus far?


  • I went to the PNWA Writers Conference

  • I met literary Agents & Editors in-person

  • I pitched a writing project to these professionals

  • I made a Twitter account for building my "author platform"

  • I made some AMAZING new writer friends (#BB4L)

  • I entered Pitch Wars!

WHEW! And the year isn't even over yet!

So, with Pitch Wars (being my first year and all) I have learned so much and become a part of a vibrant and ACTIVE writing community I never dreamed existed. And it all happened because of the PNWA Writers Conference and via Twitter, which I had avoided like the plague for vague wishy-washy reasons (lazy). Even if I am not chosen for Pitch Wars, the very act of completing a writing project, polishing the manuscript, and submitting it to a contest, has been a huge step in my development and in bolstering my confidence as a writer.

Thank you and shout out to all the talented authors volunteering their time to be mentors, to the lovely Brenda Drake for coordinating this huge effort, and to all the passionate writers who submitted their work! I look forward to being involved in some capacity for years to come!

The mentees are being announced tomorrow so here's an early congrats to all who are chosen and for those who would like more information on what Pitch Wars is all about:

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