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ULTIMATE Writer & Author Hashtag Guide!

Having just recently joined #Twitter I was bombarded by a swath of new #hashtags to learn and how to use them! I have consulted several online resources (listed at the bottom) and through my own experience, I have compiled a vast quantity of info here for your use and success!

If you need a definition or more information, there's a cool search engine just for that:

If you're looking for the many Twitter "pitch" contests, check out my separate post here. This is an amazing way to pitch your project, connect with agents/editors, make writerly friends, and learn more about the craft and #publishing industry! This year was my first year participating in some of these and 10/10 would recommend and will do it again myself.

Some basic "rules" for Twitter success:

1) Thou must hashtag in each tweet.

Ex: Harriet is my favorite protagonist of all time, I love #amwriting her! I'm going to love #amediting her story next!

2) Thou shalt retweet what is helpful and relevant to you so others can see it!

When you retweet someone else's content they are more likely to "follow" you in return.

3) Thou shalt use @name tags if you're talking about someone/company/thing.

If they have a Twitter account, they have a @name tag so include it so they can see it! A great way to get a company's attention on an issue, complaint, or compliment!

Now that we've covered some really basic strategies (there are a LOT of strategies) here are the top hashtags I'm seeing and using for creative writing. The community is VERY active and vibrant so get involved! I'm loving Twitter much more than I ever loved Facebook, which is saying something.

Basic Writing Definitions: 1. WIP is Work In Progress 2. MC is Main Character 3. MS is Manuscript No theme, anytime use hashtags:

#writerslife Usage: Post any kind of snippet, quote, or update regarding your WIP. List of Hashtag Originators to Follow: [their corresponding hashtags are detailed below]

  • @lowericon

  • @corilynarnold

  • @RWAKissofDeath

  • @WriterEdmonds

  • @QuillWriters

  • @scribalreverie

  • @KelseyNMcIntyre

  • @alliemayauthor

  • @Gracie_DeLunac

  • @chipmunkofpower

  • @Allie_Kincheloe

  • @Kelsye

  • @iamfunkhauser

  • @JudyLMohr

  • @micascotti

  • @fridayphrases

  • @ThruLineThurs

  • @victoriadaru

  • @willowylungs

  • @allbrevitywit

  • @ebnovels

  • @mirz333

  • @ravenswd123

  • @bevandeveire

  • @AmandaKWrites

  • @ElleKarmaWrites

  • @grbankler

  • @SciFiFri

  • @jfxmcl

  • @WendyGoldberry

  • @libbydoyle9

  • @byreneelozano

  • @EllisLoganBooks

Designated Day Hashtags:

SUNDAY #SunWIP Theme: Posted Prompt by Judy Mohr @JudyLMohr

Optional theme posted every Sunday for WIP work. No buy links.

Theme: weekly writing theme hosted by @WendyGoldberry and @libbydoyle9 .

One or more lines of dialogue, all genres - no buy links.

MONDAY #Meta4Mon

Theme: Metaphors/Similes by Cori Lynn Arnold @corilynarnold .

Variable theme: line from current WIP and audio or visual inspiration such as gifs, songs, etc.

Posted prompt by @byreneelozano .

Variable theme: post favorite fight scenes, inspirations, lines from WIP.

Posted prompt by @EllisLoganBooks .

Tweet your blog posts on Mondays only. Bloggers will retweet.

Theme: Posted by Claribel Ortega @Claribel_Ortega . Tweet lines from your WIP.

Theme: Write a sentence to go with a picture prompt. Hosted by Miss Muse@bevandeveire . TUESDAY #2BitTues

Variable Optional Theme: Lines from WIP.

Hosted by Angela D'Onofrio @AngDonofrio .

No host, posts with snippets and "teasers" from published work or upcoming work.

Variable Optional Theme: Post quote or dialogue from WIP or published work, all genres.

Hosted weekly by @mirz333 and/or @ravenswd123 .

Variable Theme: Lines from WIPs, all writers/genres are welcome, do not post buy links. Hosted by @leighmlorentz and @summerhwrites .

Variable Theme: Post WIP or lines from past works, no buy links allowed.

Hosted by @_NicolaNoble_ .

Variable Optional Theme: Share picture, line, or text of theme, which is optional.

Hosted by @chloequinnbooks and @leximilesbooks .

Variable Optional Theme: Questions about WIP, post lines fitting theme.

Hosted by @chipmunkofpower .

Write a complete story based on photo prompt, receive points for likes and retweets.

Hosted by @JaniceFosse . WEDNESDAY #1LineWed | #onelinewed

Variable Theme: Post lines from a Work in Progress, No Buy Links, but share website!

Hosted by Kiss of Death @RWAKissofDeath .

#WIPWedNo theme and no originator, post a snippet, quote, or update about your WIP.

#WriterWednesday (or #WW or ##WW)

Give a shout-out to writers / suggest authors to follow, or to share writing tips, and anything else to do with writers or writing.

Variable Theme: Lines from your WIP.

Hosted by @AuthorVV_Mont .

Variable Optional Theme: Lines from your WIP.

Hosted by @John_Cordial .

#WFWed (Women's Fiction)

Variable Theme: Post line from your WIP.

Author Q&A Question: Tweet your answers to the question prompt.

Hosted by @WFWednesday .

No theme, every Wednesday share the best line from your WIP from the last week.

Hosted by @WritersUnify .

Variable Optional Theme: Post lines from your WIP.

Hosted by @chipmunkofpower .


Theme: Posted prompt by @thurdswords which is hosted by A.B. Funkhauser @iamfunkhauser .

Writer game: Post 1-line from WIP or published work.

Theme: Optional posted prompt by @ThruLineThurs .

Theme: optional weekly theme, post a line from your WIP.

Hosted by Gloria Rabil Bankler @grbankler .

Variable Theme: Post a teaser for your upcoming or published work, include title and quote, graphics welcome!

Hosted by @_JM_Sullivan .

FRIDAY #Friday5th Theme: Post the 5th line from a WIP page. Originated by Kelsey McIntyre @KelseyNMcIntyre and Hypergraphia @alliemayauthor . #FictFri Theme: Votable and Optional, posted by Gracie Mae DeLunac @Gracie_DeLunac .

Post snippets, quotes, or updates about your fictional WIPs.

Writers write/post flash fiction. Readers comment and RT.

#FP (Friday Phrases)

Theme: Optional, hosted by @FridayPhrases .

Theme: Writing dare posted by @micascotti .

Winners announced 9-10PM EST.

Theme: One line from WIP or Published work, hosted by @allbrevitywit .

Science Fiction themed hashtag, hosted by @SciFiFri and jfx mcloughlin @jfxmcl .

#InkLitChallenge Variable Theme: Post Line from WIP.

Hosted by @InklingsAgency .


Theme: None & No Rules, hosted by @slapdashsat .

Post dialogue, character details, opening lines, slam poetry, etc. Get creative!

Theme: None, hosted by @Gracie_DeLunac

Share the love for written words, links, pics, published and WIP.

#WhosYourCharacter Theme: Describe/Introduce your characters by Rebecca Frohling @chipmunkofpower .

"Join us Saturdays and Sundays for #WhosYourCharacter Weekend! Share bios, insp. pics, etc." For example from Rebecca: "The Steward: Works at The Hospital. Terse and untalkative. Knows secrets even death would not divulge."

Science Fiction themed hashtag, hosted by @SciFiFri and jfx mcloughlin @jfxmcl .


#SixWordStory / #6Words Game Theme: Posted Prompt by Kelsye Nelson @Kelsye

Game to prompt writings. For example, a prompt on Feb. 05, 2016 says "In SIX WORDS or fewer, write a story about the stranger you met in the coffee shop.". Follow Kelsye for these prompts.

Tweet your latest story snippets, quotes, updates, or other related happenings.

Hashtag about writing-related tattoos!

A monthly contest where you try to guess the common theme based on clues given. Hosted by Brittany Pettegrow @scribalreverie.

Other Great TWITTER WRITER/AUTHOR Resources (references I used for this blog post):

Original Source for hashtag info: Gracie Mae's Blog

44 Essential Twitter Hastags Every Author Should Know 225 Hashtags for Writers How Twitter Hashtags Help Authors Find Readers

102 Hashtags Smart Writers Are Using to Build BIG Brands on Twitter

Other Miscellaneous Hashtags to Use/Search by:

Try searching for your own variations, there are a LOT not listed here!

Writing/Writer Activities:


#ASMSG (Authors Social Media Support Group) #BookMarket #BookMarketing #GetPublished #IAN1 (Independent Author Network) #IndiePub #PromoTip #Publishing #SelfPublishing #WriteTip #WritingTip

Have more suggestions or essential information writers and authors could use? Please post in the comments and let me know what was helpful or what could be added! KEEP WRITING!

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