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Trans Rights are Human Rights

About to get political so if it isn’t your thing: sorry/not sorry.

Because what the fuck? For all those who have criticized the premise of Trans Liberty Riot Brigade, who have argued that it could never happen, that the government would never be so cruel and corrupt? Are you paying attention, folks?

This is how it begins.

The slow erosion of individual human rights and allowing the pendulum to swing too far. See, I believe in the pendulum, that history shows a swing between those camps of “conservative” and “liberal”, which in general, is fine because the world is filled with all different kind of people who are looking to be represented in government. However, we cannot ignore the blips in history when the pendulum goes too far. To use an extremely overused and tired comparison: the Third Reich. A good example of that pendulum going way too far. I believe we are seeing that same swing in America—the erosion of basic human rights for all who live within its borders. Trump’s twitter legislative actions are one such indication and his sudden push to bar transgender individuals from military service in any capacity builds upon his hateful agenda. Women, Muslims, People of Color, Transgender, the LGBTQ+ community, and all who exist outside the mainstream, are all in the cross-hairs too.

Now, hear me when I say this: I do not like the military. I respect and cherish the people who serve in it because they are human beings with inherent value, but, as a whole, I do not support the military complex. I do not support the wars waged to support fat cat stipends and perpetuate greed in the form of “democracy.” I do not support the exploitation of impoverished communities where the only way "out" sometimes is to join the military and get some basic fucking social support. Fuck all of that. However, I still believe the choice of serving in that capacity is still someone’s right. Segregation plagues the history of our military (and society) so I resist that in all its many creative forms. Okay, so I don’t like that people want to serve in the military. Guess what? Fuck me and my opinion, because people do and I respect people’s right to choose their own path.


For those in the back: Trans rights are human rights. Simple, but complex (apparently).

You don’t think science fiction can become reality? It’s happening before our very eyes.

So RESIST the temptation to slip into apathy. RESIST the urge to turn off the news. RESIST the hope that people will just "wake up" and stop being epic shitlords.

RESIST... while you still can.

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