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Amazing List of FREE Diverse Reads

This is the LAST DAY to pick up some amazing diverse books and samples from L.C. Mawson's blog site:

"The Start Reading Diverse Giveaway features over fifty books, all of which have diverse protagonists, from PoC, to LGBTQ+, to disabled characters.All of these books are available for free and span multiple genres. Just click the covers to download your free books via Instafreebie."


Click below to get your free downloads now before it's over! You'll find the first three chapters of Trans Liberty Riot Brigade have also been made available so feel free to share!

Also, I'll shamelessly plug a couple good books I've had the pleasure of reading and reviewing lately. These are from NineStar Press, my own publisher, but I don't plug everything I read, so take that as you will :)

Ardulum by J.S. Fields

Dali by E.M. Hamill

I don’t like to oversell a book’s experience, I rarely do, but I loved loved LOVED Dali. I will refrain from spoilers, but try to give an overview of the many elements I’m absolutely smitten with.

The beginning jumps right in and initially I was geared up to dislike Dali, the main character, because of an opening fight scene that comes across as macho posturing and your usual heckling bar fight. This initial annoyance quickly dissipates as it is immediately established that Dali is far more complex than that. I love complex characters and Dali fits the bill perfectly. Flawed and sexy, Dali is grappling with some mega shit in the world—the horrific murder of husband, wife, and child (did I mention there’s plural marriage and changeling gender in this book?) leaves Dali with a well of grief impossible to wipe away. Add to that the political upheaval and violence being levied against changelings like Dali and you’ve got a hell of a story... Check out the rest of my review on Goodreads.

Basically, there's no good excuse to check out some diverse books. With the burgeoning interest of the Big Five (thanks for finally paying attention, tsh) and the abundance of indie options out there, #ownvoices and #diverse reads are popping up on bookshelves everywhere! Happy reading :)

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