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April Showers Bring May...Updates!

Well, well, well... look who's been SLACKING?

Me, I definitely mean me.

This lovely update is brought to you by the end of my Spring semester, in which I completed three graduate courses and found my life generally derailed by unexpectedly lovely adventures. All good things, I assure you. Several good friends also graduated from our program, which led to many celebrations as well. In addition...

1. I completed a memoir project very near and dear to me. It's going off to beta readers now.

2. I attended the ASGPP annual Psychodrama conference in Dallas, TX.

3. Performed in an Expressive Therapies autobiographical archetype performance for one of my classes.

4. Made new friends and built closer relationships.

5. Over-committed to about 75,000 different projects, OOPS!

6. Started Brigade 2. Almost half-way finished!

7. Was informed that my workshop proposal for the Pacific Northwest Writers Conference was accepted! Queer Lands: LGBTQ+ Representation in Writing will be debuting there!

8. I have begun the process of becoming an anti-oppression trainer teaching Dr. Nieto's developmental model from Beyond Inclusion, Beyond Empowerment (

Also, you can view this video I made for my Expressive Therapies class. These are the kinds of materials and depth psychology we do as part of our journey to becoming helping professionals. We often embark on the same quests we ask of our clients as part of building our own empathy musculature and doing our own psychological work and healing.

In addition to all these many things, I appeared on panel at Emerald City Comic Con and had a book booth at Wizard World with J.S. Fields and Taylor Brooke! It has been a busy 6 months and this summer is shaping up to be another busy one as well. Look for updates coming to my social calendar and updates regarding Brigade and other writing projects :)

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