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A Book Cover Teaser

The time has almost arrived! The book cover reveal and opening of pre-orders begins THIS FRIDAY! Until then, enjoy this tiny snippet peek at what's to come.

I am so exciiiiited to release this book onto the world! "Of Flesh and Feathers" has been a decade in the making - rewrites, reimaginings, and many evolutions later, Chickory will be landing on the page July 14th, 2020! Book cover reveal and pre-order will be this Friday. Huge thanks for the amazing creatures in my life who have supported my big weird ideas!

Here's some sweet back cover action:

"A foul wind blows through the chicken coop. The flock's caretaker no longer comes to collect Chickory's eggs or bring her feed, and the stench of death is everywhere. Her friend Fayne is haunted by visions of danger and by a prophecy of safety beyond the farthest horizon a chicken has ever known. With the help of their faithful farm dog, Chickory must convince her flock to follow Fayne into a frightening world of disease and predators, both natural...and unnatural.

Their survival may depend on fateful premonitions, but in order to save the world of humans and birds, Chickory must discover the truth behind the prophecy, the valley, and the sickness that turned their keepers into undead killers."

Add it as a Want-to-Read on GoodReads!

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