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Book Cover REVEAL

The day is finally here! Of Flesh and Feathers is available for preorder on Amazon! You can also request it through your local bookstores and encourage your libraries to pick up a copy (it's an awesome way to support indie authors)!

This beautiful cover was crafted by the talented MoorBooks company, capturing the essence of Of Flesh and Feathers in book cover form! You can see many examples of their amazing work here.

This book has been a long time in the making...ten years to be exact. When I raised my first flock of chickens, I was surprised to discover the stereotypes and derisive commentary about the intelligence of birds was, in fact, wrong. I could see each of their unique personalities evolve. With their ability to problem-solve and respond to their shifting environment with decisiveness and surprising ingenuity, I could see how they would be descended from dinosaurs! I jokingly called them my "mini velociraptors" and have been in love with their chicken-y ways ever since.

The idea came together when I picked up Watership Down for another re-read. I've always been a sucker for an animal POV novel. From a series like The Animorphs to the movie Babe to other literary books, such as Call of the Wild and Firebringer, I've been compelled and inspired by the creatures we share this world with. I also realized I had never seen much in the way of chicken characters that weren't "jokey" or playing off the idea of chickens being moronic in some way. Thus the idea was born!

Huge nod to Richard Adams and I am so excited to bring Chickory, Fayne, Tucker, and the whole flock, to your pages!

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