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Intelligent Birds

Remember how I mentioned that chickens are much smarter than people think? Well, I wasn't just making it up. Actual research backs me up on this. A fascinating article from the BBC states:

"They can count, show some level of self-awareness, and even manipulate one another by Machiavellian means. In fact, chickens are so smart that even a limited amount of exposure to the living birds can crush longstanding preconceptions."

Media hasn't done these misunderstood and underestimated birds any favors.

... just to show a few examples. So what's a bird to do?


I'm kidding, mostly, but I do imagine that if they had the size and ability, they'd happily use those claws and beaks and hunt squishy humans to extinction (have you SEEN them go after a caterpillar?) These are the ways I occupy my time during Covid, hah :)

Anyway, chickens are smart. The article says so. And it also says this:

"The perception of chickens [as unaware and unintelligent] is driven in part by the motivation to dismiss their intelligence and sensibilities because people eat them," Marino says.

The uncomfortable truth about chickens is that they are far more cognitively advanced than many people might appreciate. But it remains to be seen whether consumers who are armed with this knowledge change their shopping habits at the meat counter."

I'm not a vegan by any means, but I believe in the care of creatures - this care is not reflected in the meat industry and is not reflected in how we talk about animals in general. It's a lot harder to abuse and neglect a chicken when we understand their capacity to feel pain, empathy, and capacity to...


...should the opportunity arise.

Read more about chickens exacting revenge in my book Of Flesh and Feathers - now available for preorder on Amazon or ask to order through your local book stores!

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